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President Report in 2011

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President Matsushima and Hanshi Taylor visited Croatia from 17th to 20th Oct.

After the 7th IKO Matsushima European Championship and seminar in Eger, Hungary, Kancho Yoshikazu Matsushima and Hanshi John Taylor visited Croatia and they held seminar in Samobor.
Seminar was consisted of two trainings for members of IKO Matsushima Croatia and for 8 guest members of IKO Matsushima Serbia lead by Sempai Vojkan Bižić.
After the seminar, Kancho Matsushima, Mrs. Mikiko and Hanshi Taylor looked around Samobor and visited Zadar on the Adriatic cost.
On the return to Samobor, they visited the Plitvice Lakes National Park, located in the middle of the road which passes through the national park area, connects the Croatian inland with the Mediterranean coastal region.
Have Kancho Matsushima, Mrs. Mikiko Matsushima …

President Report in 2011, President Report Of Overseas Visits »

China Travel Log in 2011

On 30th Sep. we arrived at new Shanghai Airport. It is too big and modern building.

On 1st Oct. as we had to move to Nanjing,we got on New Express Train. The New Express Trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao Station which is located in the one of airports in Shanghai. There are a lot of gates of each trains as same as Airport terminal. Further more this station is for only New Express train.

Just then,1st October is the date of China was founded,so a national holiday is declared and a huge number of Chinese move.
That train to Beijing arrived at Nanjing South Station whitin one hour. Probably it took for …