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We, NPO-I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan are an active succession of the way of Budo Karate, along with the legacy of the founder Masutatsu Oyama. Through the discipline of our hearts and bodies, we continually endeavour to interact as an authentic international organization. We aim to develop the whole human spirit in each individual so that they can become leaders for the next generation, and continue to contribute to the community.
Our Kyokushin Karate is Budo, and involves full contact rules in order to seek true strength. However, we are not only seeking an aspect of strength to be a tournament winner. What we seek, through hard training, is the way of life as a human being. I believe we should learn the importance of this, to assure actions are based upon faith and to make large efforts to enhance the level of moral human nature. It may be significant help to our aim of wholesome training of young individuals which leads to their community contribution. We have been attempting this, step by step, based upon our belief that these young individuals are the next generation leaders.

Today, the organization has 160 official branch chiefs and Official Dojo Operators in over 60 countries. All of which have been achieving great results during their extensive training careers. This emphasises our respect for the philosophy of Kyokushin Karate and our organization has been recognized as the most democratic Kyokushin Karate organization in the world. Many people in the world have been fascinated by Kyokushin Karate, and I have truly noticed that the meaning and the mysterious aspects of this profound Budo Karate have been recognized as a means to find the true way of life, not only in Japan, but across the world.