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1000 Board Break;Australia Victoria Branch


Kyokushin karate is well known for its strength and discipline; full-contact fighting, a punishing training regimen and the ability to punch and kick their way through boards. Portland Dojo was called upon for a display of strength recently to assist one of their junior members who has multiple inoperable brain tumours. Eleven year old Abigael Therrien’s greatest wish was to go to Disneyland, and the Victorian Branch of the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association was going to do everything in its power to make that happen.

In collaboration with Victorian Branch Chief, Shihancho Viccars, Sensei Ron Jorgensen from Portland Dojo aimed to gather 50 willing karateka to raise $100 each and break 20 boards per person, making it a 1000 boards broken in total. The response from Portland Dojo and the wider Kyokushin community was nothing short of sensational, as applications flooded in, with sponsorship and pledges of support coming from as far away as Traralgon in Victoria’s East to Mt Gambier in South Australia. A junior student from Narre Warren Dojo donated three months of her pocket money totaling $55-, and a Geelong student sought pledges from family and friends totalling $1600-
Junior students from Portland Dojo organised casual dress days at their respective schools, and walked the city centre with Kung Fu panda seeking donations from the public. Many goods and services were donated for auction with the united goal of making Abigael’s wish come true.

On the 26th November, 2011, with a rainy day expected, a crowd gathered on the Portland foreshore, curious about the throng of karate ka that had assembled there. With the skies clearing at the commencement of the display, the Portland community was witness to a demonstration of basics prior to the board breaks.
When “Hajime” (begin) was called, a flurry of hands and arms whirled through the air, as the 50 karateka proceeded to break their way through their 20 boards, some stacking them up and others chipping away in ones and twos, turning 1000 boards to splinters in just 2 minutes and 49 seconds. Apart from some bloodied knuckles there were smiles all round for the finale, which was another Make A Wish recipient (7 year old female) setting up for the final solo break. An anxious crowd watched set up for the break, only to pull out a hammer and smash through the board to the crowd’s relief and cheers.
With $18,500- raised from the event, it was clear to see the strength, focus and compassion of Kyokushin uniting in a most worthy cause.

Branch Chief; Gary Viccars