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Visiting Lebanon from 1st to 9th April 2018

Visiting Lebanon from 1st to 9th April 2018
Before visiting Lebanon everybody said”Is Lebanon dangerous country?” In fact it was different with the expected. Country is very beautiful and peaceful.Apartments and hotels spread along the coast. It looks like Hong Kong. There are many Ancient Ruins around Tripoli & Beirut.
Jun Jounieh
Al Maarad Tripoli
Al Maarad Tripoli-2
We can see high mountains on the other side of the hills. There is Syria over the high mountains. I understood Syria is very near.
Peoples are hospitality. There is no problem regards religion. Churches and Mosques are built next to each other.Almost people speak English or French except Arabian language. Because they have to learn English or French at school. It’s very amazing system. It’s most surprised thing that there is no traffic signal in Lebanon.
In spite of this everyone drive with Kamikaze. Lebanese foods are very delicious. The most favorite food is pomegranate dressing salads.

Pigeon Rocks in Raouch