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I visited Myanmar again

It was surprised that everyone can get visa of Myanmar from website. However we got it Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo. It became too easier. Of cause the building of Myanmar Embassy are new. And also we need not transit in Bangkok. We arrived at Yangon directly on 19th May and stayed in River View Platinum Hotel Dagon. It is new hotel and good access to the airport. The traffic jam are same as before. It seems that almost cars are made in Japan. Small tracks become Track-taxi with using a bed of track. There are many Japanese Restaurants and provide good foods. Sushi & Sashimi are good!

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On 20th the Dan test was held from AM 8:00. Because daytime will be hot. However there were many rain every days and it’s cooler than before.
On 21st next morning Opening ceremony ,demonstrations ,semifinal and final match were held. At night time PM10:00 we left for Mawlamyne by Reserved Highway-bus. Of cause the air-conditioning was too strong. We arrived at hotel before AM 05:00. After while we started for Setse beach for training seminar by cars and Track-taxi. However it’s rain during two hours of driving. When training started rain was stopped. It was a miracle. The way back to Mawlamyine we visited Yele Paya(the temple going under water) and Win Sein Tawya (Lying down Budda).

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Next morning at AM05:00 left for Golden Stone pagoda (Kyeik Htee Yoe Pagoda) with Mr.& Mrs.Mawlamyine’s Minister. All passengers have to ride at the bed of big track. Over 50 peoples can sit at the bed of track.It looks like roller coaster. How miracle this golden rock don’t slide down!

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