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Nepal visit record

It enters the dry season in the middle of September, and it becomes a sightseeing season like trekking etc. at the ordinary year. It rained much this year, and rained at night.It worries about whether it is possible to go out of soppy mud though the track and the bus are stopped as for the vacant lot where it faced the roadside and the road when heading for suburbs. 

 There are a lot of motorcycles of Katmandu. It prints between the car and people and it comes off. I hear that a black number means the multiplication combination taxi even if the taxi is not displayed. The traveling tray and the micro at one’s period of apprenticeship stuff squeezing considerably and the person is carried. It is the door or removed for getting on and off or, anyway, is energetic.  Also in the intersection, the policeman of a traffic arrangement is a black mask. The signal seemed not to operate though it was. 

I felt nostalgia during tohubohu when walking in the bazaar. The native dress is very colorful though women’s person who have rolled Sally are a little. Goods hang narrowly in the width of the shop thickly connected. It is happy to see goods colorfully. It radiantly greets the namaste wherever it goes. When the hand is matched in front of the chest, and it greets the namaste, I can feel like being gentle.  People do not feel darkness though the life before the age of Japan is imagined. It is made the idea of something true rich. 

Nepal is a country of Hinduism and the Buddhism.There was a famous buddhist temple (It was called monkey temple) in coming off and the height in Katmandu, and people were visiting from early morning. It went out sideward soon about armed police force when turning around round surroundings in the temple with the car. It is a translation that the monkey had come to and the seminar hall to see.

The hotel was left from Katmandu at 8 AM toward Pokhara of 200km to see Himalaya on September 19. Katmandu is in the basin of above sea level 1400m. It gets out from the town, it rises, it descends, and highway. In one trunk road that cuts in the mountain open even if it is said the highway and runs, it is a residential road. In a colorful paint of Nepalese version track fellow, as for the transportation track put on the tape, it is indescribably lively squeeze with the minibus of the stuff and the tour bus for the tourist. The dingdong is passed because there is no speed limitation. The stage is made on the way. The shop like the stall deals in the roadside such as the drink, the fruits, and snacks by the place in the town in which not being either. Mud was painted and there was a place that cooked in the hardened kitchen range, too. I was surprised at huge Currie’s selling like a white melon by the piece.


It is a happening. The flow of the car stopped suddenly around 2:00PM. A huge rock fell 2km ahead because of the heavy and the road was closed. It is not possible to do this year for which it waits even if struggling. A big river flows concurrently on the other hand in one side in the cliff. Everyone gets off the car, it goes to see the site, it eats in the stall, and sightseeing spot. Person who know well  that is losing one’s head by what accustomed.  It waited for three hours and it opened. Dingdong was done and it arrived at Pokhara at six o’clock of the evening. However, it is not a terminal.

It transferred from Pokhara to the jeep. It had already darkened, and it swung and one car faced Dhampus mountain path of wild road that was able to pass.. intensely.  It arrived at the hotel of Dhampus of above sea level 1700m for about 8 PM in one and a half hours while being taken the tire in mud. It felt more dead than alive. A table d’hote dull part of Nepal and handmade deep-frying possession were very delicious while blacking out. The owner expressed gratitude by Mr.Gurung’s relative for a warm entertainment. 


The top of Annapuruna South(7219m) produced the face by 5:30 in the morning. Machhapuchhare(6993m) was seen at intervals of the cloud that changed hour by hour. It is a meaning of fish’s tail. I wanted to shout to the divineness of the remainder. People in Nepal worship mountains and Himalayas where the pantheon stays. I hear that there is a person not seen even if rain has done a lot of trekking for one week this year. The excitement and impression to see machapuchareand mountains in Annapurna in the stay in only one evening are unforgettable.

It strolled in walking down the hill and the Phewa lake side in Pokhara, and it started on one’s return home at eight o’clock of next morning. natural water who effused from the mountain was crossed the road and flowed to the river.

Several buffaloes have faced it as an oncoming car in a town on the way. It is cow. Water flowed mightily from the vertical cliff and the driver of the heavy-duty truck was bathing in the place that had fallen.

The house is scattered with few also in a deep, fairly high place in the ravine. I hear that there is no road where it can go still by car though it was mysterious. It is a mountain path of width that the person can pass. The suspension bridge over the opposite bank on the way of 200km is 1 or an opinion or a digit. It was seen to hang in the pulley with the rope and to extend. It is survival. Below Turisuli River is a swift current.

Mr.Gurungu was speaking to be necessary to help by the construction of the bridge for children who were not able to go to the school because there was no bridge. The education supports the future of Nepal.


It treated to Gurungu’s wife’s homemade dish. I ate lots. It was very delicious.