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Tunisia visit record

Shihan Sadok Kouka of the head of Tunisian (Tunisia Branch Chief visited Tunisia from Spain by way of Rome in Italy in proportion to.  Head’s at Police Training School meeting was received in the airport, it was guided to VIP room, and the greeting of the person in charge in the airport was received.  We arrived from the Tunis airport at the hotel of Sousse for one and a half hours using high way.  Sousse was fifthly full in the fashionable hotel in the star of the summer visitor from Europe every day in the resort where it had faced the Mediterranean sea.  The rest would be taken the next day, and ultra truth Federation Kyokushin Karate an office and Shihan Kouka’s restaurant, etc. were visited in the evening.  A splendid location there that is located in previous, and is adjacent to sands soon as for harbor.  As for sands, it was white and the particle was detailed, and the sea cleared completely in blue and popular was consented. Shade is cool because it dries though it is hot.

At Fedaration Kyokushin Karate in Olympic center in Tunis


 Toward after the seminar was finished the Tunis district, and we visited ruins of Carthage and ancient ruins of El Jem.  The teacher at the university who was ShihanKouka’s friend guided El Jem. Anyway, it is heard that it almost imitates and it was made by same age group with the Colosseum in Rome. It is the one that the great one was often built 2,000 years ago. A corner advanced by the modernization of Tunis lined with a still modern building.  However, the maintenance of a high-speed net is a current state to which the sign will not be maintained well in the future.  However, the olive tree is the main tree of the rainfall in the vast terrain because it is few. I hear that there are abundantly fruit etc. in the entire Tunisia, too. It rid on the camel for the first time in front of the ell gem though it was not expected that it was not going to the south in the desert. I thought slipping when standing up and the drop.

at El Jem