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The first seminar by President in Tunisia,26th June 2010

400 people or more participated because it had been advertised that it was I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA ultra true hall representative’s first seminar in the Olympics sports center in Sousse.  The boy part also participated, and it was not able to be guided that it was a lot of any further. The appearance of the seminar might visit coverage by a government-run TV station, and telecast the program to the whole country. 

From Iraq and Libya,members participated.

32 people challenged the promotion examination at 10:00AM the next day. Moreover, the examination of the first class and the second class went and Shihan Kouka went in another space. Besides, other teachers guided it on the other hand of the gym.  The examination started at 10:00AM without siesta, and ended around four o’clock. Because the problem like regulations it afterwards had been imposed always, it doubly became a hard promotion examination though ShihanKouka advanced anyway for the TV station coverage. 

The TV program of seminars was broadcast throughout Tunisia.I hear that a government-run TV station will telecast the program by the program for 30 minutes for two days two times. It might be a celebrity in Tunisia this time possibly.