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Indonesian Kyokushin Karate Association(IKKA) held initial training in Indonesia

On 23rd September 2012,black belt holders of Indonesian Kyokushin Karate Association ( IKKA )held an initial training in Jakarta.
As a new member of IKO Matsushima,IKKA ,which declared itself on 9th September 2012,is trying to reach a higher standard of training,establish better dojos with more facilties,build a more democratic environment ,a transparent system and procedure of administration and finance.
The class was full of excitements and every body was very enthusiastic.They put their best efforts into the training,since some new things were gradually introduced. Discussions went on even hours after the class was finished.
A more comprehensive training for instructors will be held for three days on the third weekend of October.There are still many things to be done to meet our own expectations.
We send our regards to members of IKO Matsushima all over the world.

Branch Chif Setia Purnama