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The 15th China Open Tournament was held on 1st October 2019

On 1st. To 3rd October, 2019, The 15th Kyokushin China Open Tournament had a grandeur opening in Nanjing.

Organized by IKO Matsushima Nanjing branch, attended by unsurpassed 967 players , the tournament saw intense competition of kata and kumite through out the 3 days.

Various branches of I.K.O MATSUSHIMA had taken part in the event, which end in a great success.
Last but not the least , a dan test took place in Nanjing Branch on the following day.

Branch Chief Feng Zhao

China Zhao October 2019 4

China Zhao October 2019 1

China Zhao October 2019 3

China Zhao October 2019 2