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Black Belt and Kyu Grading Exam in Chile

Black Belt and Kyu Grading Exam in Chile

An intense Technical and Black Belt and Kyu Grading Exam was held last Friday 16th and Saturday 17th in the Southern Area of our Chilean Matsushima Karate. The event took place in Chiguayante, a small town near Concepcion, capital of the XIII region in our country. More than 50 students attended from different towns and cities from the southern part of or country to a technical seminar on Friday 16th with the presence of Branch Chiefs Sensei Claudio Toledo and Sensei Freddy Segovia. Sandan Sensei Eduardo Carstens was also present for the almost 4 hours revision of basic techniques, katas and idogeiko exercises .
On Saturday 17th a 2 hour special class only for Shodan and Nidan applicants was held dictated by Sensei Claudio Toledo where emphasis was put to all the technical aspects to be evaluated.
In the afternoon the exam started and it lasted more than 5 and half hours. 10th and 8th Kyu examination tests came first for 15 students . Then tests for Shodan and Nidan began with Kihon, Idogeiko, Katas, Tameshiwari and Physical aspects. The exam finished with intense kumites that proved the unshaken Kyokushin spirit.
These activities were a great opportunity to feel the friendship and comradeship with Chilean Matsushima in the southern area of our country.


Branch Chief;Claudio Toledo Branch Chief; Freddy Segovia

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