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Portland Oregon Diary

We arrived in City of Beaverton about 30 minutes from Portland, OR airport. There were lots of good sizes of coniferous trees even the side of the roads and among of those trees there were beautiful white and pink blossoms. It seemed like a cherry blossom season was gone, so they could be flowers of plums or peaches. Since many office buildings were just flat or only second story high because of such open space in Oregon, our eyes easily catch greens and trees. Local people said about a half of the year they got rain, only the tournament day we got a nice weather. We got an opportunity to see the local attraction call Pittock Mansion which was built early 1900’s. It was built on the top of hill, and provided the great view of downtown Portland. This luxury building was spent more than $3,000,000 (converted to today’s money value). The world famous sportswear company Nike has the head quarter in Oregon. Only they allow us to see the buildings and a campus from outside. There are no company names outside of buildings but the well-known logo was just standing by itself proudly.