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3rd I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA World Cup in Estepona Bullring Spain

In Spain,  Andalucia Mediterranean coast, and Estepona extend the foot a little, Morocco is located in the west of near Costa del Sol, too. The heat in daytime is strong even though June. The player registration and the umpire course were held in the hall on Friday, June 18.  It has gotten cold by the tremble when 10:00PM is passed around six o’clock of the evening though it is shining of heat. The sea breeze returned to the hotel in coldly, and hurry in wellcome party on the beach side.   

The preliminary contest at 19 days of the first rally day in the rally progress Saturday began still with two mats around 10:00AM though there was a player that nonparticipation was done with the visa etc. through necessity among the entries of 270 people or more every 40 countries or more in the world, too. 

It became impossible blazing gradually, the burm of one of mats, and to fight as the sun rose the sultry sun.  In addition, it is a happening only of the bullring as the gust sometimes changes the mat.  Players challenged the game in harsh terms by the maximum power. It is not the heat that something can be done in outdoor in the afternoon of Andalusia.

Mr.Dolph Lundgren(Actor) visited watching for two days.

The game extended it to the length and midnight though lunch was placed, and the game was restarted around six o’clock of the evening.  When the day was still set, it became cold again though the boy was advanced to third round. It was long for the participant in not only the player but also an unknown environment, and became a long first rally day. 

The second rally day started around 5:00PM the opening ceremony, and continued with the player entrance and the umpire crew of the head of the branch introduction. The game was advanced with steady steps. 

There were demonstrations  Sensei Carlos Ruiz & students.Spain Branch Chief on the way; Gabriel Barluenga and apprentice’s witty ENBU and EMBU of the gym life everyone of Spanish branch were announced. Tameshiwari was imposed from best 4.

Iran and Russia still showed off strength as General Council of Trade Unions of Japan in the boy. Player Sergey Doronin in Ukraine of the 4th place winning a prize accomplished the amount class victory of the wish by the Japanese world rally indiscrimination, and it was elected to the player of the most much victory. In the weight class, it was not possible to remain, and Iran won the victory by power though player Liu Kun from China in expected player Zsombor Magosi from Hungary and was remarkable, too. It became the result of Ryosuke Nonaka lightweight class, Hokkaido, and Shota Furudate middleweight class from Ibaraki stays in best 8 among five Japanese power boys.

However, it was best 8 in tens of people respectively, and the samurai spirit of Japan was shown to abundant.  Noteworthy Maria Zhukovskaya player Russia is defeated in the world rally the Lilla Herezeg player in Hungary of the world rally victory regrettably defeated the girl in the lightweight class though the second place and Anna Kukarina player Russia accomplished the 3rd place winning a prize. The Yuliya Selina player in noteworthy Russia still won the victory by fighting of the Svitlana Zhegar player in Ukraine at the inside amount class. In the weight class, the player in New Zealand and gaining power of the new player was overall noticeable.  

Estepona City Mayor Mr.David valadez Lopez and the sports prize representative visited and gave the speech and the trophy to the type of winning a prize.  Good-bye party going to have been about 1:30 in hall that the party started at midnight.  Having returned to the hotel even so might have turned respectively by 2:30AM though it fled ahead of time though it enjoyed. 

1st; Mariya Gridneva(Kazakhstan), 2nd; Maria Zhukovskaya(Russia), 3rd; Anna Kukarina(Russia)

1st; Yuliya Selina(Russia), 2nd; Svitlana Zhegar(Ukraine),3rd; Ekaterina Belyaeva(Russia)

1st;Atawhai Edwards(New Zealand), 2nd; Lean Howlett(U.K.), 3rd; Olga Ivanova(Russia)

1st; Ashgar Jabban(iran), 2nd; Darren Stringer(U.K.), 3rd; Evgeniy Solomennikov(Russia)

1st;Sergey Doronin(Ukraine), 2nd; Seyed M.Salehi(Iran), 3rd; Aleksey Feotiskov(Russia)

1st;Saeed Safari(Iran), 2nd; Konstantin Fedorov(Russia), 3rd; Vasif Samedov(Russia)

At an international conference, the World Cup was decided to be held by the election in Durban in South Africa in 2014 in next time though had raised one’s hand to the candidate by South Africa and New Zealand.  The 3rd World Cup was held during midnight of every day by outdoor of the bullring in strong sunlight. It became a rally that remained in an unforgettable impression for the participant.  Chairman Europe, European Chairman that has advanced preparation for years, and Spain Branch Chief; A respect and sincere gratitude are sent to Shihan Klaus Rex.  I wish to express my gratitude also to the family who has supported it for years and all related staff deeply.