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On the November there was the I K O MATSUSHIMA championship of Saint-Petersburg in univesity sport complex.

On the 1 of November there was the IKO MATSUSHIMA championship of Saint-Petersburg in university sport complex.

The Championship brought together teams from Moscow (2 teams) and the Moscow region, Pskov region, Novgorod region, Karelia, the Leningrad region (2 teams), Estonia (2 teams). The total number of participants was 318 athletes from 7 to 35 years old.

Members of the national Russian team in Kyokushin Matsushima Matkovska Kira, Sobanina Marina, Khvalsky Artem and Feoktistov Alexey were awarded with memorable gifts from the organizers for their fights at the European Championship in Sweden on 17 October.

Branch Chief;Sergey Potapov

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