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Visit to Ukraine 2013

We were shocked with Captain’s announcement“Can’t find the airport” Our flight for Kiev departure on AM07:10 from Donetsk in Ukraine. The arrival time is AM08:10. However this airplane was flying over 2 & half hours already. So this plane couldn’t land at Kiev Airport for dense fog. At last Captain shouted“Just land” . The plane landed safely with no sight and all passengers clapped. After then we couldn’t get off from the plane for long time. Someone pressed attendant. We also asked the captain to know the situation. He said “This plane will departure for Brisbane”. As I didn’t keep cool and asked“Which country?” The correct is Boryspil International Kiev Airport. After waiting for lone time, the plane flied again for Boryspil. Later I remembered that Brisbane is in Australia. All passengers had to wait for baggage again. We moved to the international terminal along with heavy baggage by shuttle bus.
The time passed noon already. We missed the transit airplane from Kiev to Helsinki and also Helsinki to Narita.
Furthermore we were forced to line up in front of Ukrainian Airline Office to re-book new flight for 3 hours. We stayed at hotel which Airline arranged. A lot of passengers who missed flight came to the hotel one after another. We had only drink in the plane till evening.
Next day there was no seat at the flight from Helsinki to Narita,we forced to take a plane to Nagoya. We got on Super Express Shin-Kansen first time from Nagoya to Tokyo.