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The 2nd Jacob Zuma 2010 Matsushima Karate Cup was held in Durban,South Africa

The 2nd Jacob Zuma all Africa rally 2010 Matsushima Karate Cup on October 9th, 10th 2010 is South Africa Durban City.It was held with I.C.C.(International Convention Centre).  The opening ceremony was held the Heavyweight’s preliminary contest end later on the preliminary contest in the boy part, the youth, and the general part and the second days on the first. 


The game wore the exciting game, and heat inadvertently stared assisting.  There was a significant implication in 2014 for it to decide holding the World Cup in South Africa and Durban, and to appeal.


I got the speech from Prime Minister Premierzweli Mkhize in the rally for the urgent business though President Jacob Zuma was a participation schedule to the rally now. 

The rally greatly exceeded to the schedule, ended, and was I.C.C from six o’clock .